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Ownership and founders

Capt/TRI/TRE B737/757/767

Friðbjörn Oddsson

Deputy Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

More than twenty years experience in aviation. Started as a loader and a flight instructor. Joined Icelandair in 2004 as FO & later a Captain. Friðbjörn has participated in various parts of the flight operation at Icelandair, such as member of the fuel efficiency team, Chief Ground Instructor, TRI/TRE and Head of Training at Icelandair ATO.
Capt/TRI/TRE B737/757/767

Kristinn Páll Guðmundsson

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Over two decades serving the aviation industry. Cabin crew-member along with flight instruction led to flying domestic flights in Iceland for Air Iceland on Fairchild Metro SA227. Later became FO & Captain for Icelandair and Equitoral Congo Airlines.
Capt/TRI/TRE B737/757/767

Hergill Sigurðsson

Accountable Manager

With two decades in aviation Hergill started his career at Crossair in Switzerland. Later flying for Swiss International Airlines, Emirates and Icelandair.
Capt/TRI/TRE B737/757/767

Össur Brynjólfsson

Chief Flight Instructor

Össur has more than 25 years of experience in flight training and management in aviation.
Flt. Ops. Manager and CFI/CGI for the Icelandic Flight Academy 2000-2007, Flt. Ops. Manager for Landsflug 2003-2004, PH Crew training and HT for Icelandair 2007-2021. Össur has extensive experience in the writing of operations- and training manuals within the EASA and IATA/IOSA framework.
Capt/TRI/TRE B757/767

Hörður Már Þorvaldsson

Head of Training

Hörður has been working as a pilot, instructor and consultant in the aviation sector for over 25 years. Head of training (Myflug), LTI/TRI/TRE and various tasks for flight operations (Icelandair). Flying scheduled, charter and cargo flights globally.

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